Our Trauma Management Workshops are specifically designed to assist participants to manage the acute stress response, return to ‘normal’ productive life quickly and prevent the onset of PTSD.

The Benefits
The workshop are run by specialists in trauma managment and PTSD.
In the majority of cases this intervention will prevent the onset of PTSD.
Utilises an optimum combination of individual and workshop based approaches to managing trauma.
Attending the workshop speeds return to normal productive life, including a return to work
Provides proven tools and techniques to enhance peoples lives and create a positive impact from the trauma experienced.
Each participant will receive an individual recovery plan.

Key Features
• Recognising pressure and stress
• Strategies for managing acute stress and PTSD
• Managing anger
• Personal change
• Assertiveness
• Lifestyle management.
Course Duration
3 x 1/2 Days over a period of 6 weeks

Number of participants
Number of participants: 1-4

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