Our psychological assessments use standardised methods to assess particular aspects of human behaviour and provide an objective picture of the individual.

You will receive our informative and instructive report containing practical recommendations that might include further training, treatment, referral to specialist help or perhaps temporary or permanent redeployment.

Psychological Assessment Key Features:

Objectivity – bias and personal perspective are dramatically reduced
Clarity – a robust framework and structure ensures accessibility
Equality and fairness – tests are standardised so that all individuals receive the same treatment
PIPA – Post Incident Psychological Assessments
CBT Assessment – Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy Assessment


Following an incident or possibly several incidents fundamental questions may need to be asked as to what action is required to enable an individual to return to work.

Our post incident psychological assessments use standardised methods used ot assess particular aspects of human behaviour giving a clear objective assessment of an individual following an incident with recommendations to support your decision making.

CBT Assessment

The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that is the most appropriate form of treatment for the client and assess the likely number of sessions that would be required to produce a sustained recovery.

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