Following an incident, or possibly several incidents, fundamental questions may need to be asked as to what action is required to enable an individual to return to work.

Arcadia Alive Post Incident Psychological Assessments (PIPA) provide an objective picture of an individual and identify underlying psychological factors that might have contributed to the incident.

We use standardised methods to assess particular aspects of human behaviour and provide you with recommendations that might include further training, treatment, referral to specialist help and the possibility of suggested temporary or permanent redeployment.

PIPA: Benefits for your Organisation

  • Screening for possible psychological and cognitive factors that may have contribued to the incident(s)
  • Increased likelihood of being able to predict future job performance
  • Objectivity – the standardised tests used remove bias and personal perspective
  • Clarity – the assessment uses a robust framework and structure
  • Equality and fairness – tests are standardised so that all individuals receive the same treatment

PIPA: Benefits for attendees

  • A clear understanding of what aspects of their behaviour resulted in the incident(s)
  • Objective and neutral third party assessment of their incident
  • A clear set of recommendations as to how to address any issues identified
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