Arcadia Alive has provided our unparalleled Psychological Services for 15 years to bring sizable advantage in improving business and personal performance.

Our bespoke Psychological Services cover every aspect of business need – from identifying and diagnosing psychological issues such as stress, anxiety and trauma, through to putting in place collaborative goal-oriented plans to return your employee to health and productivity.

Creating a win-win situation for you and your employees

Dealing quickly and efficiently with any psychological issue your employees may be experiencing results in a win-win situation:

You, the employer, win by minimising absentee costs while maximising the use of valuable trained employees.

Your employee wins by returning to work and avoiding the negative financial and psychological effects of a long term absence.

Why employee psychological health makes business sense

If you have employees absent from work, you will know the costs are huge and a drain on your resources. These costs can be attributed to many factors including:

Wages paid to absent employees

High-cost replacement workers (overtime pay for other employees and/or temporary workers)

Administrative costs of managing absenteeism

Personal injury claims

Malingering / fraudulent claims

Indirect costs include:

Poor quality of output resulting from overtime fatigue or under-staffing

Reduced productivity

Excess manager time – dealing with discipline or finding suitable cover

Poor morale among employees who have to “fill in” or do extra work to cover absent co-workers.

Safety issues created by inadequately trained employees filling in for others, rushing to catch up after arriving as a replacement, etc.

And then there are the expensive intangible costs

The reputation of your organisation

Errors due to temps or less skilled staff covering key roles or activities

Your best and brightest having to step down to cover – and possibly suffering stress themselves as result

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