Data from 100,000 accidents shows that, in 95% of incidents, lax personal safety was to blame.

Personal Safety Workshop Content

Our Personal Safety Workshop focuses on overcoming the two key challenges to achieving sustained improvements in Personal Safety:

  1. Perceiving and assessing risks
  2. Taking personal responsibility to manage and mitigate those risks

We achieve this through working with your employees to help them:

  • Improve their perception of risk
  • Raise their capability to assess risk
  • Ensure they take personal ownership to address the risks they have identified
  • Increase their skills to manage and mitigate risk

Key areas we focus on are those areas that present the greatest risks to personal safety:

  • Complacency or over-familiarity with the task
  • Underestimating the complexity or possible outcomes of the task
  • Entering into risk because the level of risk perceived is underestimated.

A Proven Approach Based on Human Factors and Critical Errors

Our Workshop gets your people involved in looking at risk assessment using a framework based on two proven approaches:

Human Factors

Critical Errors

They will learn how to:

Monitor their level of rushing, frustration, fatigue, and complacency when undertaking each and every task

and in so doing:

Raise their consciousness of changes in those states as being a risk, as much of a risk as hazards in the environment.

This will create a fundamental cognitive shift in how your people assess future risk.

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