A CIPD report found:

  • almost half (44%) of managers have to manage disputes at work frequently or continually
  • on average HR professionals spend 3.4 hours every week managing conflict at work – rising to 3.8 hours for public sector respondents

However, the CIPD also reports that 27 per cent of managers say that they receive no training of any description in conflict management.

The most commonly cited cause of conflict is warring egos and personality clashes – mentioned by 44% of respondents as being the number one source of interpersonal strain. This is followed by poor leadership from the top (30%), inadequate line management (21%) and weak performance management (17%). Heavy workload and bullying and/or harassment are also identified as significant causes of disputes in the workplace.

Conflict Management Course Content

Our Conflict Management programme gives your employees practical tools they can use immediately in the workplace to reduce tension and conflict:

  • Acting swiftly to deal with issues
  • How to use official processes to manage conflict effectively
  • How to implement a participative approach
  • Monitoring team relationships
  • Acting as a role model
  • Practising integrity

Conflict Management Course Benefits:

By improving conflict management, your organisation can look forward to:

  • Reduction in number of formal disciplinary and grievance cases
  • Improved team morale
  • Improved team performance/productivity
  • Reduced absence levels
  • Reduction in number of employment tribunal claims received
  • Helped reduce employee turnover
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