Our programmes use the latest research into Human Factors and Non Technical Skills to enable your delegates to make instant changes to how they behave in the workplace, so improving their safety and optimising their performance.

Personal Safety Workshop

Our Personal Safety Workshop focuses on overcoming the two key challenges to achieving sustained improvements in Personal Safety:

  • Perceiving and assessing risks.
  • Taking personal responsibility to manage and mitigate those risks.

We achieve this through working with your employees to help them:

  • Improve their perception of risk
  • Raise their capability to assess risk
  • Ensure they take personal ownership to address the risks they have identified
  • Increase their skills to manage and mitigate risk

Personal Safety Workshop

Non-Technical Skills for Managers

This programme will expand managers’ knowledge and understanding of the role played by Non-Technical Skills and Human Factors in successful people management, covering areas such as human error, situational leadership, communication style, and managing conflict.

Non Tech Skills Managers

Non Technical Skills for Drivers

Our NTS for Drivers programme is for any drivers who are:

• In training or who are newly qualified
• Showing pre-cursors or struggling with concentration
• Coming up to known difficult periods in their career

Non Tech Skills Drivers

Driver Instructors Programme

Our Driver Instructors Programme will provide your driver instructors with additional skills to instruct drivers including the latest information on Non-Technical Skills and Human Factors.

Driver Instructors Course

Driver Support Programme

Our Driver Support Programme is ideal for any of your drivers who:
Struggle with stress, anxiety, depression or any other area in their personal lives.
Have attitudinal issues that are impacting their (or others’) performance.
Have experienced an operational incident.

Driver Support

Concentration Programme – One to One

Our one to one Concentration Programme contains the lastest psychological and management knowledge on concentration and the areas that impact it. This course can make a huge improvement in performance for anyone whose role requires high levels of concentration.

Concentration Programme

Bespoke Programmes & BS11000

Collaboration in programme planning and design is our speciality – and we can adapt any of our programmes to better suit your immediate and future organisational needs – or design a brand new programme if that is what you need.

Bespoke Programmes
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