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What David Cameron did to end Gove and May’s public fight – an exercise in how to manage workplace conflict

This week’s high profile spate between Michael Gove, Education Secretary and Theresa May, Home Secretary, regarding the issue of how to tackle religious extremism in schools has been a learning in how to manage conflict. Their boss, David Cameron, has acted in text-book ways to effectively manage the damaging conflict between his direct reports which..

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The trains that were too wide – a £40mn mistake (and counting) demonstrating why procedures are ranked as one of the top Human Factors issues.

The French train operator SNCF has discovered that 2,000 new trains it ordered at a cost of 15bn euros (£12.1bn) are too wide for many regional platforms. The BBC’s Christian Fraser in Paris says that it is an embarrassing blunder that has so far cost the rail operator over 50m euros (£40.6m). Our correspondent says..

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Why the obesity crisis is likely to make the workplace a more dangerous place

Why should the growing obesity crisis worry us as safety professionals? Does it really have any impact on our employees’ safety behaviours and performance? The answer is a resounding Yes. Research is increasingly revealing the impaired cognitive functioning of obese individuals – memory, learning, executive functioning (such as decision making) and response accuracy and speed..

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Track worker safety dangerously compromised by lax personal safety and management by computer outputs.

We read with interest the article by Colin Wheeler in this month’s Rail Staff magazine. He wrote passionately of the safety problems and sometimes fatal incidents resulting from what he sees as the rail industry’s “Top down, command and control management”, the proliferation of ‘safety bean counters and databases’ and the absence of HRMI spot..

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