People and performance move in parallel. In a world where products, services, systems and processes can be copied any long term competitive advantage will come from your people, ultimately meaning it is your people who make the difference.

How we make a difference

In the modern economy most work is about mental effort. The performance of your people is dependent upon their commitment, attitude, engagement and the mental effort that drives their behaviour and your performance.

This is why our team of highly experienced and specialist professionals bring you creative and challenging programmes that have psychology and management science as their bedrock. These deliver sustainable and measurable behavioural change in your people, which is guaranteed to translate to your bottom line.

Our Aim

Arcadia Alive’s aim is to optimise all three elements of Human Factors to raise performance:

  • Job
  • Individual
  • Organisation

We deliver powerful and effectve programmes employing a blend of facilitation, coaching and action-learning techniques that maximise people’s learning abilities. The emphasis is always on collaborative learning that helps people to take an active stance and which results in individuals taking responsibilty and ownership for personal and behavioural change. Our training programmes motivate and equip participants to change their behaviour so that behaviours are more effective and efficient, thus better serving organisational and personal needs, and delivering results.

Our Programme facilitators provide a broad training that covers:

  • psychology
  • management
  • counselling
  • facilitation.

Most are qualified psychologists from behavioural, organisational or clinical backgrounds.

We are one of the leading providers of Human Factors Training and Consultancy in GB Rail.

Richard MaddersRichard Madders, Managing Director

Richard heads Arcadia Alive and describes himself as a self-motivated senior business manager, committed to excellence in personal performance and with a strong track record of delivering results within promised timescales. A passionate believer in delivering behavioural change across all organisational levels through exceptional consultancy, training and development that is founded on the fusion of psychological principles with management consultancy skills. Committed to the principles of business leadership, using enthusiasm and determination to succeed, supported by high levels of initiative, willpower and perseverance, to achieve the desired results. An experienced Portfolio Manager and Programme Manager, capable of multi-tasking, co-ordinating and streamlining multiple projects, with involvement in all stages of programme cycle from sales to post project aftercare.


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